National Lampoon’s 2011 Bracy Vacation, part 1

National Lampoon’s 2011 Bracy Vacation, part 1: Legoland

As we try to go to Disneyland every other year, April of 2011 marked our next trip to the mighty Mouse Kingdom. Stacey and I had thought about making a real old-school road trip out of it by driving to San Francisco and checking out the sites on our way to Anaheim but once the airfare came down and gas prices went up, we thought better of that idea and decided to fly. This year we flew Allegiant Airlines which saved us $80 per person over the other airlines AND flew directly out of Eugene which was very convenient.
We flew into LAX late Friday night and stayed at a nearby Sheraton which had some sort of event going on so we were forced to either take them up on their Valet Parking offer or walk three long blocks with 10 bags and 3 kids: no thanks, we’ll pay the fee. Our stay at LAX was brief as we were up bright and early on our way to Legoland. This year we decided to visit Legoland as the kids are big fans of Lego’s. The temperature was already 65 degrees as we journeyed to Carlsbad and after a couple stops for snacks we arrived at Legoland.

We went on a few rides and checked out the many lego exhibits but the highlight of the day was definitely the water park. Everyone had fun and stayed cool there going down the slides and floating the lazy river. After a few hours of getting wet, we decided to head back to the main park and go on more rides and check out the rest of the park.
Legoland closes at 6:00 so after 7 hours there, it was time to head to San Diego and our friend Stefanie’s place. She was nice enough to allow us to stay with her for 2 nights which really saved us a bunch of dinero (being that close to the border I figured I had to throw a little espanol in there). Thank you Stef! Stef has a great place in Downtown San Diego near the Gas Lamp District which is very convenient for a lot of things: parking however, isn’t one of them. On Monday morning I received a ticket for parking on the street during the street sweeping times of 2-6 am. Oh well, it was still MUCH cheaper than staying in a hotel for two nights.
Sunday morning we went back up to Legoland. This time we concentrated our energies on the mini-land area which featured Lego replicas of Washington DC, New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles

as well as various scenes from the Star Wars saga.

Once we were finished being wowed by the level of detail in Mini-Land, we went on a few of the rides we didn’t have time to go on the day before, one of which was a boat tour which took us past a few more spectacular replicas including the Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower and Mt Rushmore

After a few more rides we made the long-awaited (at least by the kids) trip to the Legoland store to pick up a few goodies to take home and then toured the Sea Life Aquarium which was pretty cool.

But the highlight of this day, at least for me, had to be our post-park trip to In-n-Out Burger
No trip to Southern California is complete without a Double-Double, fries and a shake, and Stacey got the added benefit of the Pepperdine baseball team being there at the same time. Win-win! Everyone’s happy!
It was a great start to our vacation. we could probably have done Legoland in one day but it was nice to take our time while doing a little bit of everything. Definitely worth visiting especially for the younger kids.


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