National Lampoon’s 2011 Bracy Vacation, part 3

The third leg of our SoCal (which is what Pey’s teammates now call him) trip took us back to Anaheim for three days at Disneyland. This year DL was more crowded than it has been on any of our previous trips. So crowded we actually left DL after an hour or so to hang out at California Adventure the first day and although CA was busy as well, it was not even close to the crowds we encountered at DL.

We went on the usual rides over our 3 days at CA, Soarin’ over California, which Miles was just barely able to go on (he loved it), California Screamin’, Tower of Terror, etc., but this time we got to see something new: the World of Color, which is a water/video show that is put on each night at Paradise Pier. I thought it was amazing! Even better than I had imagined. The kids weren’t quite as impressed but I think they all liked it nonetheless.

The boys had a great time as usual watching some of the shows the park had to offer like Playhouse Disney and Bugs Life and Turtle Talk with Crush where Parker and I were fortunate enough to be a couple of the “featured guests” and get to chat with Crush. Thankfully, I didn’t embarrass the family… too much!
We also spent quite a while in the Brother Bear area which was nice for everyone as the boys got to run around and burn off some energy and I got to sit and watch.

Even with the crowds we did enjoy our time in the Disney park, although we didn’t go on as many rides, we had just as much fun. Some of the highlights were seeing the Fantasmic light/water show which definitely rivaled the World of Color for entertainment, Parky being picked to do the Jedi training in the Star Wars show, and watching Miles’ reaction to all of the characters and rides. He was not quite 2 the last time we went so he was able to do more this time and I’m sure he had more fun as well. Of course the older boys had a great time also. Each time they go they are able to do more and will hopefully remember more later on. They are so thankful and truly enjoy the entire experience including the dorky Dad things I sometimes drag them on. We’re already counting the days/years till our next trip.


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