Tebow & Broncos = Cleveland Indians from the movie, Major League

Tebow making more believers

In a case of Life imitating Art, Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos are quickly becoming the Cleveland Indians from the 1989 movie, Major League. They have a General Manager, John Elway, and coach, John Fox, who inherited a QB whom the fans love but they personally feel will never be great NFL QB because he doesn’t look or play like the model QB. The fans of Tebow pressured the Broncos to play him and in order to quiet them, the staff gave in, if nothing else, just to quiet the fan-base. I believe their true goal was to throw Tebow out there just to show the fans that he was ill-equipped to be a starting NFL QB. They even went as far as to trade one the best receivers in the league, Brandon Lloyd, just to make it even more difficult for him to succeed. Further proof was Elway’s reaction after a last-minute game-winning TD run by Tebow in a win over the favored New York Jets. Subdued to say the least.

Just like the movie, the Broncos are starting to win in spite of the front office and their questionable strategies and in the AFC West, may even make the playoffs. In a true Hollywood ending, they would not only make the playoffs but would win the Super Bowl. Now that may seem like quite a stretch for this group, but with Tebow leading them would you bet against them? You never know, crazier things have happened… right?


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